The Haunting of Jack

The Haunting of Jack

the haunting of jackOur special guests for this episode are two people who are very close to my heart. We’ll simply refer to them as John and Deborah. They are two former clients of our group, Houston Ghost Research. They’re going to share their story and that of their 14 year old son Jack, What they’ve been through and overcome is nothing short of remarkable.

Last year Jack fell very ill with a mysterious illness. They took him to every doctor and specialist they could find and even to a therapist. Nobody could find out what was going on with Jack. As they were looking for answers his condition began to rapidly deteriorate. They had to remove him from school, He had double vision and eventually lost his ability to walk. For some time he was forced to get around the house by crawling from room to room.

After exhausting every medical avenue they could find they eventually started wondering if some of the odd things that had been going on with Jack wasn’t rooted in a spiritual problem. He’d been plagued with nightmares, he was hearing voices, he refused to sleep in his own room alone. He was so terrified to go to sleep he even started sleeping with a pocket knife just to make him feel safer.

After some spiritual intervention and guidance from the HGR team and Debi Chestnut, Jack is back on track, doing well and moving forward, but Jack and John and Deborah and their whole family have been through so much we wanted to devote an entire episode to their story.

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