Shamanic Healing and Depossession with Brad “Little Frog” Hudson

Shamanic Healing and Depossession with Brad “Little Frog” Hudson

Brad HudsonTonight’s guest is Brad “Little Frog” Hudson. Little Frog, as he prefers to be called, is a shamanic healer, ordained minister and best selling author on His primary focus areas are shamanic extraction healing, death and dying counseling, teaching, and depossession of people and places.

He’s the author of

  • The Truth About You- Who you are and why you’re here on earth.
  • Shamanic Depossession and other True Healing Miracles
  • Vision Quests: True stories from the Wilderness

Which we’ll talk about each a bit in turn. I’ve already read the first book, The Truth About You and I can absolutely endorse it. His message is concise, on point and very easy to digest. It’s a short easy read that conveys message everyone should hear. It’s very much in line with my own beliefs.

Finally, Brad has an important channeled message about autism he’d like to share with the world. He discusses it at length in the podcast. You can also find out more about this direction on his website here:

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Autism: – autism mix is called “Little Frog Mix”

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