Psychic Medium Lori Lee on Life as a Psychic

Lori_westPsychic Medium Lori Lee of joins us to discuss her work both as a psychic medium, body scans to assist with medical diagnosis and her work as a paranormal investigator. We also follow up on our discussion from the previous episode on holographic theory and touch on Miguel Ruiz’s book The 4 Agreements.

Lori Lee is a lifelong psychic medium and spiritual advisor. She’s the author of “Make the most of your senses” available on kindle & nook and physical copy thorough website. Her website is She has also worked with several paranormal groups in the houston area and is available for remote consulting with groups across the world. She’s currently the Lead Medium and Northern Regional Manager for Houston Ghost Research. She’s available for private readings through her website.

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Lori Lee’s Website – or
Lori’s book:
— Amazon Kindle –
— Nook – $1.99
— Physical copy – $9.99 :
The Truth About Medium, Gary E. Schwartz:
Hands of Light – Barbara Brennan –
Remote Viewing, Ed Dames –
Carlos Castanada’s books –
The 4 Agreements, Miguel Ruiz –


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