Possession Syndrome Round Table Discussion

Possession Syndrome Round Table Discussion

the-exorcist-regan-possessed-bobblehead-300x336This is a special episode in a new round table discussion format centered on the topic of possession syndrome, specifically on the relationship of this condition between between psychological / physiological cause and concerns or whether this is a spiritual condition or both.

Our guests for this discussion are as follows:

Dr Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist practicing in Los Angeles, and a former pupil and protege of existential analyst Dr. Rollo May and is currently a professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. In addition to specializing in providing existential and depth psychologically oriented psychotherapy to adult patients for close to 40 years, Dr. Diamond is a former member of the Forensic Panel for the Santa Clara County Superior Court and Approved Panel of Psychiatrists and Psychologists for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County (Criminal Divisions), conducting forensic evaluations and serving as an expert witness in various criminal cases.

He is the author of Anger, Madness and Diamonic: The Psychological Genesis of Violence, Evil and Creativity. the blog entry he wrote on PsychologyToday.com titled “Giving the Devil His Due: Exorcism, Psychotherapy, and the Possession Syndrome” initially caught my attention on this subject so we’ve invited him to participate in this round-table discussion. Links to his book and the article I just mentioned can be found in the show notes.

Also, Joining us this evening is Debi Chestnut, Psychic Medium and prolific author with about 10 books under her belt.. She’s been involved in the paranormal investigation field for over 20 years and recently published a book (among many) titled “How to Clear Your Home.” Other titles include, “Is Your House Haunted?”, “Ghosts of Anchor Bay”, “So You Want to be a Ghost Hunter” among others.

Finally, Akelta runs a discussion forum named SatanandSuns.com and has been working with demons and embracing the darker energies her whole life. She enjoys teaching and guiding others who are drawn to walk the dark paths and coaches them on how to stay balanced and grounded when dealing with dark forces. She is also passionate about studying and learning about the various dark creatures that are out there.

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