Dark Energy and Sludge Entities with Akelta Wilde

Dark Energy and Sludge Entities with Akelta Wilde

akeltawildeAkelta Wilde is joining us on the show again for a follow-up discussion on Sludge Energy and Demons. Like the most interesting people in the world she too has taken the road less traveled and for her, it’s certainly made all the difference. She runs a discussion forum named SatanandSuns.com and has been working with demons and embracing the darker energies her whole life. She enjoys teaching and guiding others who are drawn to walk the dark paths and how to stay balanced and grounded when dealing with dark forces. She also is passionate about studying and learning about the various dark creatures that are out there.

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https://www.higherconsciousnessradio.com – HCR Home Page
http://www.satanandsuns.com – Akelta Wilde’s online forum.
http://www.polarisrising.net – spiritual discussion forum

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