About HCR

Higher Consciousness Radio (HCR) is a podcast (online radio show) dedicated to exploring ideas and topics related to a myriad of fields. We strive to find experts in our fields of interest and give them a platform to share their message. The primary format of the show is that of a casual yet informative conversation focusing on the central topic at hand. All episodes are pre-recorded so that they can be edited for pace and quality.

About the Hosts:

james_silly_hatJames Sangster is a life-long student of the weird and absurd. Early studies focused on earth-based religion and eastern philosophies, mysticism and religion. Ancillary interests also included alien abduction phenomenon and general paranormal phenomenon. He’s also keenly interested in a subjected he’s coined as “spiritual mechanics,” which is essentially the stripping of dogma and unnecessary belief to get to the heart/root causes of paranormal phenomenon and their true underlying causes. Holographic theory as presented by Michal Talbot has been instrumental in the formation of that concept. In about 2003 he delved into the paranormal investigation phenomenon head-long and eventually ended up founding his own research group named Houston Ghost Research which is styled as a spiritual crisis intervention group. To that end, he authored a short e-book titled Help! I’m Haunted!: Dealing with Ghosts, which targeted at prospective clients of his group that offers advice on how to deal with potentially traumatic hauntings. By profession, James is an IT manager working in the field of Instructional Technology within higher education.

photo 1Kieth Davis is a life- long student of human behavior and Psychology. He is a graduate of Anthony Robbins “Mastery University” and has professionally coached individuals to success in achieving their goals. He is also well versed in Neuro Associative Conditioning & Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as a master of rapport. He is currently developing his skillset as a remote viewer under the direction of a leading expert in the field. Kieth is also a father of 2 and an accomplished Martial Artist, holding a belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Southern Shaolin WuShu. But most of all, he is a seeker of truth and one who is dedicated to spreading knowledge ,light and love.

We want to give a special long overdue thanks to Bill Curd and his musical talents making our custom intro music. You can find more about Bill and his music projects at www.curdmusic.com