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Andrew Keith – Healer, Psychic Medium and Channeler

Tonight’s guest is Andrew Kieth. He’s a psychic medium and channeler and generally an overall with-it, happening and plugged in kinda guy. We immensely enjoyed our conversation with kieth. He specializes in healing, entity/spirit removal and channeled readings and he

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Psychic Medium Lori Lee on Life as a Psychic

Psychic Medium Lori Lee of joins us to discuss her work both as a psychic medium, body scans to assist with medical diagnosis and her work as a paranormal investigator. We also follow up on our discussion from the

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Tony Barton on Dealing with Ghosts & Spirit Remediation

Tony Barton, a medium for Houston Ghost Research, is the guy you want to call if you’ve got a serious haunting that’s out of hand. His group calls him a “Spirit Remediation Expert.” He specializes in identifying and attempting to

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