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Shamanic Healing and Depossession with Brad “Little Frog” Hudson

Tonight’s guest is Brad “Little Frog” Hudson. Little Frog, as he prefers to be called, is a shamanic healer, ordained minister and best selling author on His primary focus areas are shamanic extraction healing, death and dying counseling, teaching,

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Possession Syndrome Round Table Discussion

This is a special episode in a new round table discussion format centered on the topic of possession syndrome, specifically on the relationship of this condition between between psychological / physiological cause and concerns or whether this is a spiritual

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The Haunting of Jack

Our special guests for this episode are two people who are very close to my heart. We’ll simply refer to them as John and Deborah. They are two former clients of our group, Houston Ghost Research. They’re going to share

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The Left Handed Path with Akelta Wilde

Like the most interesting people in the world she too has taken the road less traveled and for her, it’s certainly made all the difference. Akelta runs a discussion forum named and has been working with demons and embracing

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Exorcism in Islam, A conversation with a Muslim exorcist.

Speaking with us tonight is Brother Ali, an Islamic holy man and spiritual healer in training under his esteemed teacher Brother Rahman. Words truly cannot convey the amount of respect I have for both of these gentlemen. They are true

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Tony Barton on Dealing with Ghosts & Spirit Remediation

Tony Barton, a medium for Houston Ghost Research, is the guy you want to call if you’ve got a serious haunting that’s out of hand. His group calls him a “Spirit Remediation Expert.” He specializes in identifying and attempting to

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