Shamanic Healing and Depossession with Brad “Little Frog” Hudson

Tonight’s guest is Brad “Little Frog” Hudson. Little Frog, as he prefers to be called, is a shamanic healer, ordained minister and best selling author on His primary focus areas are shamanic extraction healing, death and dying counseling, teaching,

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Germanic Heathen Wayist Druids

HCR interviews Gloria Lubner – Volva, Hexmaster, Gythia, and Anointed Named bard, Pat Kershaw – Anointed Ovate and Mari Cartee – Mother of the Northern Way, Guardian of the Old Ways and Head of the Order of the Congregation of the Ash, which is sister to the Congregation of the Oak, a modern Druidic Group. We discuss the structure and belief systems of their faith.

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Shaman Don Miguel on Psychotropes and the Divine Connection Pt 2

Don Miguel is a shaman and ethenogenic expert. He has extensive experience with the use of Ayahuasca and psychoactive mushrooms to explore inner space. His web blog is available at (it recently changed, so make sure you update your

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Shaman Don Miguel on Psychotropes and Divinity

We sit down with Don Miguel, shaman and ethenogenic advocate, for an interesting discussion on a variety of topics ranging from Ayahuasca, Magic Mushrooms and how to connect to your own inner divine space. Download Episode (mp3) Youtube Archive Link

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Anthropologist Laurie Notch on Exploring Diverse Cultures

Our guest for this episode is Laurie Notch, an anthropologist and publisher of IdeaGems Magazine at She is also a media producer specializing in documentary films and writes and produces for Zogby Entertainment. Laurie has an upcoming project focusing

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