How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts & Spirits with Debbie Chestnut

debichestnutlogoJoining us this evening is Debi Chestnut, Psychic Medium and prolific author with about 10 books under her belt.. She’s been involved in the paranormal investigation field for over 20 years and recently published a book (among many) titled “How to Clear Your Home.” Other titles include, “Is Your House Haunted?”, “Ghosts of Anchor Bay”, “So You Want to be a Ghost Hunter” among others.

We’re going to discuss a bit about Debbie’s background, maybe get some interesting stories and then delve into the subject of her new book, “how to clear Your Home.” If you would like to contact Debbie directly her email address is or through her website at or on FB at . Those links will be in the show notes.

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